Join your colleagues, become a member of Quebec Owner Dentists by filling out the membership form and paying your annual membership fee.

Enjoy several benefits

  • Encourage the development and emergence of a community of common interests amongst dental clinic owners in Quebec;
  • Document the reality of owner dentists and fight against the obstacles to our full development;
  • To be able to speak solely on behalf of owner dentists;
  • To monitor the development of the economic interests of our members;
  • To demonstrate the importance of owner dentists in the Quebec economy;
  • To defend, support and protect our members;
  • To address the shortage of labour by working with the Employment, Labour and Education ministers;
  • To develop our business network;
  • To exchange ideas with experienced dentists;
  • To enjoy commercial advantages as a group;
  • To become eligible to our group insurance;
  • To have access to specialists for negotiations;
  • To study and analyze complex issues such as the impact corporations have on the quality and accessibility to the services offered by our clinics;
  • To be able to understand and defend the interests of owners versus other groups related to the operation of a clinic;
  • Become involved in working committees on specific topics.
  • To be consulted and informed on a regular basis;

By becoming a member, you will be regularly consulted and informed on matters affecting your entrepreneurial needs. In addition, you will be participating in the promotion of the interests of dental owner clinics in Quebec.

Who can become a member?

To be a member of the Owner Dentists of Quebec, you must:

  • Be a dentist (general or specialist) and have an active permit with the Ordre des dentistes du Quebec;
  • Not be affiliated with a corporate group;
  • You must be an owner or co-owner of one or several dental practices that operate in the province of Quebec;
  • You must pay your annual membership fee.

Annual membership fees

  • The membership fees will apply to individuals:
    • Membership cannot be shared between business partners;
    • there will be one membership of $675 per owner dentist, regardless of the number of clinic you own.
  • The membership is valid for one year and is non-refundable.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact us at:

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